5 Step Process to Sell Your Home


In today's market, relying on a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis to price your home is simply not enough. We prefer to utilize a holistic approach when evaluating your property, taking into account, property condition, market trends, local supply & demand, current sales data, overall inventory, availability of financing and current market interest rates. We will provide you with a comprehensive property analysis and establish an accurate price for your home. By using our holistic approach, we are able to maximize equity and minimize any false sense of value. In other words, we provide you with the facts, not just what we think you want to hear. 


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Differentiating your home from the competition and making your home Stand Out from the rest is essential for two reasons; 

1. To sell your in the least amount of time possible 

2. To sell your home for the highest price possible 

Our team will analyze every square foot of your home, maximizing its overall marketability. Through professional photography, videography, strategic staging recommendations, 3D Virtual Tours and accurate descriptions of all sellable features, we are able to create the strongest presence online and locally, attracting the most amount of qualified buyers to your home. 

Strategically Market

We view our listings as inventory in our Store, prioritizing the sale of our inventory first. Meaning, we use a proactive sales approach by aggressively matching buyers with your property. ROC Real Estate re-defines typical marketing strategies by implementing the most innovative sales methods in the industry today. Above all, nothing has proven more sucessfull than our team's 24/7 availability, effective communication with buyers and instilled sense of urgency to get your home sold.



Once your home is placed on the market, our team will communicate with you weekly, providing feedback from showings, open houses and Realtors. We track online performance and present all offers in a timely fashion ensuring you are always up to date with your sale. We have found that total transparency provides a smooth and easy selling experience. 


Professional Transaction Management 

Once we have accepted an offer, the sale of your property is then transferred to our Transaction Management Division. Our team of trained professionals will ensure your sale is in compliance with state and local laws, all transaction deadlines are met in timely fashion and you are 100% aware of your transactions' status. Providing our clients with dedicated transaction management is how ROC Real Estate Partners minimizes confusion and maximizes overall satisfaction.


Professional Ads  


Professional Staging Advice & Recommendations